Little Marrakech

Cafe & Restaurant


Couscous Dishes

Couscous Berber

Bed of hand crafted couscous with a delicious combination of garden vegetables and Garbanzo chickpeas topped with caramelized onions and raisins

Couscous Azayla

Bed of handcrafted couscous topped with peeled king prawns and vegetables in a light spring tomato garlic sauce

Couscous Royale Marrakech

Super feast of grilled corn fed chicken, lamb and Merguez sausages on a bed of hand crafted couscous and fresh vegetables & caramelized onions & raisins

Couscous Mashwi (Choice of Lamb or chicken)

Bed of couscous topped with tender braised lamb shank, or tender breast of chicken, an array of garden vegetable blend topped with caramelized onions and raisins



Mendoubia Tagine

Tender chicken breast marinated in delicious preserved lemon, with onions and saffron, served with fez green olives and your choice of rice, chips or couscous

Fellouse Maamar

Whole baby chicken (Poussin) stuffed with saffron couscous, roasted almonds, and raisins, cooked in light onion sauce

Kefta Tagine

Moroccan spiced meat balls baked with fresh peppers and poached egg in light tomato sauce with green peas and herbs. Served with couscous, chips or rice

Kebda Tetuan ( calves liver )

Marinated Calves liver in Moroccan herbs, sautéed in garlic and light tomato cumin sauce served with your choice of rice or couscous

Trio Moroccan Grill Mezze

Char grilled brochettes of tender corn fed chicken, beef and merguez sausages served on a bed of your choice of rice or couscous with grilled red peppers, mushrooms and onion

Sultan's Kadra (Chef's Choice)

Selected marinated lamb shank braised with onions and Moroccan sun dried prunes, served with toasted almonds, sesame seeds and vegetables

Meknes Tagine

Tender sirloin of beef grilled as you wish cooked with onions, mushroom, brandy and cream sauce. Served with couscous, chips or rice

Lahma Mejmar (Scottish sirloin steak)

Grilled Scottish sirloin to your liking & served with roasted vegetables


Fresh Fish

Agadir Tagine ( Red Snapper)

Fresh fillet of red snapped in Charmoula

* baked with cherry tomatoes, jersey potatoes, garlic, fresh coriander and green olives

Monk Fish Tagine

Fillets of Monkfish cooked in tomato, garlic, and oregano, Moroccan black olives sided with your choice of couscous or rice

Swordfish Mirage

Marinated swordfish steak in Charmoula

grilled &served with Moroccan rice and salad leaves

Atlas Seabass Fillets

Grilled filets of wild sea bass marinated with fresh lime, garlic and Moroccan virgin olive oil, served with roasted new baby potatoes and cherry tomatoes

Hoot Mashwi (mixed grilled fish)

All marinated in garlic, coriander, fresh lemon and virgin olive oil grilled and served on a bed of salad garnish



Spinach Briwatts

Home made filo pastry filled with fresh spinach and feta cheese, Moroccan herbs served with mango comfit & salad garnish

Vegetarian Rawz

Saffron Moroccan rice with mixed vegetables, wild mushrooms and Parmesan flakes

Khodra Tagine

Seasonal garden vegetables in a Charmoula

* sauce, topped with peels of preserved lemon and Mediterranean olives

Baghrir El Khodra

Grilled fresh mixed peppers, aubergines and courgettes rolled in home made pancakes and topped with cheese and tomato sauce

Side Dishes

Plain Couscous

Moroccan Saffron Rice


Boiled New Jersey Potatoes

French Fine Beans

Steamed Mixed Fresh Vegetables

SautEed baby spinach in garlic & cream

Tomato & Red Onion Salad

Mixed Moroccan salad with Boiled Egg